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  • Realien des Glaubens vom Weihrauch bis zum Andachtsbild

  • 20*C+M+B*20



    Der Artikel kursiert durchs Netz aber hier dann doch das schwerauffindliche Original:

    True story…a priest friend of mine visiting at a “progressive” parish had a male altar server vest in a cassock and surplice and serve as a thurifer using a classically designed censer. The parishioners complained bitterly to the pastor that the incense was making them cough and some had to leave the Mass. About three weeks later the same priest visiting the same parish asked one of the altar girls to dance up the aisle with a ceramic incense bowl. Same incense, same charcoal. The same parishioners thought the whole thing was wonderful. No complaints to the pastor this time. They were allergic, it turns out, to altar boys in cassocks. Fr. Philip, OP

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